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Windward provides big data analytics, powered by deep shipping expertise, to examine over 100 million Automatic Identification System (AIS) data points, transmitted by AIS-equipped ships each day so as to cross-check their identities, movements and locations, according to Shepard. AIS is currently installed on approximately 400,000 vessels around the world and uses Very High Frequency (30-300 megahertz) radio and satellite communications to transmit information regarding a vessels’ identity, its course, speed and position. AIS information can be viewed by port authorities and other vessels either on electronic charts or on maritime surveillance radar. Horizons Ventures is playing an increasingly active role in the Israeli startup scene as one of the largest sources of foreign cash, according to TechNode. The fund has financed over sixty startups, of which twenty-seven are Israeli, investing $420 million in the aggregate. Its well-known Israeli portfolio companies include navigation app maker Waze, keyboard app Ginger, and Kaiima Bio-Agritech, a seed technology startup.]]>