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Historic 11.3 acre FLBAM boatyard and marina property. Located at 1915 SW 21st Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on the South fork of the New River, close to downtown Fort Lauderdale.[/caption] New River – Broward County, Florida The New River originates in the Everglades and flows east. After passing through Fort Lauderdale, the river enters the Atlantic Ocean at Port Everglades cut. The river is entirely within Broward County, comprising three converging main canals which originate in the Everglades, splitting off from the Miami Canal. They are the North New River Canal, which flows on the north side of State Road 84 / Interstate 595; the South New River Canal, which flows on the north side of Griffin Road and the south side of Orange Drive; and a canal which flows south of Sunrise Boulevard. The Mouth of the New River The mouth of the New River is located north of Port Everglades and south of Las Olas Boulevard in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Four bridges cross this first stretch of the river, namely 3rd Avenue, Andrews Avenue, the railroad bridge, and 4th/7th Avenue. The Florida East Coast Railroad traverses the railroad bridge. After this stretch, the New River splits into North and South forks. The South fork is dominant and is an important conduit for the maritime industry. On the South fork there are numerous boat yards up to and past I-95. The North fork is shallower, with a low clearance Broward Boulevard bridge, and the navigable water ending shortly thereafter.]]>