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IAA, “Timna Airport is a unique national project,  being the first airport to be built in Israel from start to finish, and it is destined to become the country’s southern aerial gateway.” The new Ramon International Airport is an international airport currently under construction in southern Israel. It will replace existing airports in Ovda and Eilat, and will serve as a diversion airport to Ben Gurion Airport. It will feature a state-of-the-art light rail that will transport travelers to downtown Eilat. According to the IAA, the new airport is located 19km north of Eilat, and will feature a 3,100-meter runway suitable for the traffic of large commercial jets destined for and arriving from anywhere in Europe. The control tower is 45m high, in accordance with the most recent international standards. There will be 9 parking spaces for turboprop planes and 7 parking spaces for mid-sized and jumbo jets. Operational and support areas will be established in the airport in an extensive single-level terminal which will be able to handle as many as 1.8 million passengers per year, providing high quality services throughout the 28,000 square meter area. In addition, duty free shops and a new power and infrastructure center for the management of the roadways and parking spaces are also being planned. Ramon Airport Timna The deadline set by the IAA for the completion of the project is the end of 2016. Test runs, authorization and operation periods are to commence by mid-2017. The project is expected to cost NIS 1.95 billion and will be funded partly by real estate revenue from the Eilat Airport’s land sales. Eilat The Ramon International Airport is expected to spark a 300% increase in tourism to southern Israel with an anticipated 1.5 million travelers arriving on both international and domestic flights each year. A host of other facilities will be built alongside the airport, including a logistics center, park-and-ride and a bus station to replace the present central bus station in Eilat. In July 2010, Israel’s Ministry of Transportation had declared that the new airport will be named after Israel’s first astronaut Ilan Ramon who died on the Columbia disaster, and his son, pilot Assaf Ramon, who died in a training accident. In July 2011, the Israeli government approved the construction of an international airport at Timna. In May 2013, the cornerstone was laid in a ceremony attended by government officials and members of the Ramon family. Construction began two weeks later. “The Ramon international airport that we have initiated is a national project of supreme importance that will develop Eilat through employment, construction, and expansion of tourism to the city. Vacating the existing airport in Eilat will enable the city to develop northwards, add thousands of housing units and more hotels in the city, and substantially improve the quality of life of the city’s residents, ” said Minister of Transport Yisrael Katz, according to Globes. Eilat is a leading tourism destination, with warm temperatures all-year-round and low humidity, as well as lovely beaches and beautiful natural landscapes thanks to its Red Sea locale. Situated on a sole land bridge between Asia and Africa, Eilat is the southernmost point of Israel, a busy port and popular resort located at the northern tip of the Red Sea, on the Gulf of Aqaba. A beautiful coral reef runs along the Red Sea’s shores and serene granite mountains form the impressive backdrop of the city. The Red Sea’s water temperature remains between 21-24 degrees Celsius (70-76 Fahrenheit) all-year-round. Eilat Hotels The calm surface of the bay is ideal for wind and water sports, such as surfing, parasailing and water skiing. Diving enthusiasts come here from all around the world to snorkel, snuba and scuba at Eilat’s beautiful coral reefs. The clear and stunning blue sea, acclaimed for its extensive coral reefs and unique marine life, has over 1,200 different recorded underwater species, 10% of which are not found anywhere else in the world. eilat diving zone And there is certainly nothing wrong with relaxing on one of the many beautiful Eilat beaches and dipping in the cool pleasant water. In addition, Eilat’s surrounding desert provides a rich and diverse ecosystem that is home to hundreds of different animal and bird species and numerous geographical wonders, such as the saline pools that are common stops for flocks of migrating flamingos. The colorful, picturesque mountain terrain surrounding the resort city of Eilat is breathtaking, especially at sunset, which is a great time to take a jeep tour in the wild. Danya Cebus Danya Cebus Ltd is an Israel-based company active in the construction and engineering sector. Its activities are centered in the fields of residential construction, commercial buildings and office space, infrastructure development, and industrial design and manufacture, with projects in Israel and overseas. The company’s projects include private homes, terraced housing clusters and high-rise apartment towers, neighborhoods incorporating shopping areas, community services, education facilities, highways and bridges, as well as the installation of auxiliary systems along highways. Through its subsidiaries, the company has interests in Russia, Canada, the Netherlands and Cyprus. Africa Israel Investments Ltd., the parent company of Danya Cebus,  is an Israel-based holding and investment company. Africa Israel makes a range of investments, such as residential real estate, income-yielding properties, construction, infrastructure steel and ceramics. It initiates, constructs, leases and sells residential and commercial properties, in Israel and abroad. In addition Africa Israel is engaged in the energy sector through Alon Israel Oil Company and Total Fina; in the telecommunications and media sectors; and in broadcasting, advertising and marketing. Its subsidiary Africa Israel Hotels Ltd. operates Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza and Express hotels throughout Israel. Africa Israel is also active in the United States, Canada, Russia, Romania and the Netherlands.]]>