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ONE by AOL: Publishers platform, enhancing publishers’ ability to understand, control and optimize pricing and packaging of their inventory and drive greater revenue in an increasingly complex ecosystem trending towards mobile, said the company. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. AlephD had previously raised $2 million in venture funding from A Plus Finance, CapDecisif and Partech Ventures, according to CrunchBase. AlephD is a Paris-based startup co-founded in 2012 by Maxime Agostini (CEO), a former Criteo executive, and two data scientists and serial entrepreneurs, Nicolas Grislain (CSO) and Vincent Lepage (CTO). AlephD helps digital publishers automatically identify the best price for each ad impression, by providing them real-time technology and algorithmic decisioning tools. Its solutions instantly boost digital publishers’ real time bidding (RTB) revenues by up to 30%, the company says. “I cofounded AlephD, a technology company, providing disruptive technology to digital publishers in the real-time bidding landscape,” says Agostini. “We combine big data, smart maths and super fast servers so that our clients make the most of their ever accumulating data,” “In this industry, technology has been largely advertiser-centric, which has helped the buy-side push prices lower and lower, and, as a consequence, publishers have seen an overall decline in CPMs,” said AOL’s president of Publisher Platforms, Tim Mahlman. “The value of a publisher’s inventory changes every single moment, based on market needs, buyer behavior, even the weather. It is incredibly challenging to understand these factors and analyze what these shifts mean – both long-term and in the moment,” he added. Beyond these challenges, the resources needed to take action on the available information are astronomical – many large publishers have devoted entire teams to optimize yield, and, even then, aren’t able to take action quickly enough to truly evaluate their inventory in real time and optimize yield. For smaller publishers who can’t afford these dedicated resources, it is nearly impossible to do so, commented Mahlman. AOL believes that publishers should have the ultimate say in which technologies and partners they choose to work with, rather than being locked in an all-or-nothing, walled garden vendor relationship, the company stated.]]>