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Aston Martin DBX: Electric Crossover GT The Aston Martin DBX is the British firm’s first all-electric, all-wheel-drive crossover. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer told Auto Express that the site for a new factory to build the new Crossover model could be situated in the UK. He said that the new factory, which should be operational by late 2017, would eventually create several hundred new jobs. Aston will decide between two sites in the UK or one in America, although it also had three other sites that were ‘outside bets’. A decision on where the factory will be opened will be made before Christmas. However, Aston Martin is set to cut up to 300 jobs before Christmas this year as part of a major restructuring, according to Auto Express. Palmer said the current workforce of 2,100 had to be reduced: “There is never a good time to cut jobs, but this is what has to be done. Our workforce has doubled since 2007 but we are building half the number of cars, it does not make sense. We need to make our processes more efficient with less people, we are fixing the business.”]]>