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“The auction was within the expected parameters, because the $42 million base was too low, I think it reached a fair price,” said the head auctioneer of Banco Ciudad in charge of the bidding, Ricardo Vitaliti. “The proceeding became somewhat complicated because of disparate bidding figures (buyers bid the sales price up by $114.000 or $116,000), while I expected more round numbers, but it is also true that $114,000 is a lot of money.” He further commented that this was his personal record sale on auction: “In 2009 I sold the largest lot of Catalinas for $46 million, but having a sale of this size under the hammer is something to be proud of.” Banco Ciudad president Javier Ortiz Batalla, said that the auction “has been a very transparent process, all participants were very pleased,” and stressed that “the final value of the sale has significantly exceeded expectations.” The money to be received by the Executive branch of the City of Buenos Aires will be used to repay debt acquired for its relocation to the current headquarters of the City Government’s Head Office at Uspallata 3100 in Parque Patricios, a building designed by British architect Norman Foster. The Edificio del Plata occupies half a block between Carlos Pellegrini, Sarmiento, Carabelas passage and Perón streets. It has 42,256 square meters, nine floors and three underground levels, and was re-opened in 1962, to house the offices of the Municipality of Buenos Aires on the upper floors, and a market on the ground floor. In October 2008, during the administration of Mauricio Macri as Mayor of Buenos Aires, now the country’s President, an imposing gigantography of “Speed,” a work of artist Fabian Burgos, was installed on the facade of the building and reproduced in an area of 2992 square meters of micro perforated vinyl fabric. This started a series entitled “Art in La Plata”, which continued in March 2009 with William Ueno’s “Siesta” and in July of that year with Max Gomez Canle’s “Window.” In October 2009, “Terrace” by photographer Marcos López, followed. Finally, in June 2010 the gigantography of “Myths of my Childhood” by Antonio Seguí was mounted. In 2013, the gigantography of Pope Francis was erected on the building’s facade. The Mercado del Plata, the first covered wholesale supply market in the City of Buenos Aires, was originally inaugurated on the site in 1856. old_mercado_del_plataCarts from San Isidro, San Fernando, and the Conchas districts, among others, met at the market to sell their products consisting mainly of wood branches and beams, wood and reeds for ranches, watermelons, melons, peaches, wheat, corn, barley, canary seed, etc. Of those carts, some were parked, especially fruit and corn, and sold retail, placing lanterns on them at night. As the population and city outer limits began to grow, the carts were relocated to the periphery of Buenos Aires. Between 1947 and 1962, the “Edificio del Plata” was built on the site.]]>