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Dr. Shai Meretzki, CEO, Bonus BioGroup Ltd.[/caption] In April 2014, Bonus BioGroup had reportedly launched a clinical trial for the repair of maxillofacial bone deficiency, including upper and lower jawbone cavitation, by transplantation of live human bone grafts. These grafts, also termed transplants, comprise of cells originating from patients’ own (autologous) fat tissue. The endpoint of the clinical trial is to evaluate the transplants’ safety and efficacy. “Cutting bone from one part of the body and putting it in another part is a painful  and costly procedure,” Dr. Meretzki said last year. “So we thought, ‘why don’t we grow new bone by using cells from patients?’” The transplants are manufactured in Bonus BioGroup’s production facility at Matam Advanced Technology Park, Haifa, Israel. The facilities and clinical trial activities, starting from the development stage, through production, quality control and product supply, are GMP as well as ISO-9001 certified. The company estimates that the manufactured transplants which originate from and return to the same patients, will be fully integrated and immunologically tolerated. Upon introduction of Bonus BioGroup’s transplants into patients’ bodies, the biological identity of the transplants is expected to be recognized by the patients’ immune system.]]>