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DPE’s disposition of its Availon portfolio company to Denmark’s Vestas Group for EUR 88 million. ‘We now have an experienced partner by our side in DPE and together we will advance our expansion in our core markets. We also intend to identify new market niches in order to establish our products in end markets and areas of application that have so far been barely exploited,’ said Haertel. “We will remain true to the DPE strategy and will help make ELATEC a long-term and lasting partner to its employees and to our co-shareholders,” said DPE partner Frank Müller. RFID technology makes it possible to unequivocally authenticate individual device users and is widely used in the security sector. It involves personalized transponders sending user-specific data via electromagnetic fields, which is then received, decoded and evaluated by RFID readers. The readers developed by Elatec support all the RFID standards used most frequently around the world and thus offer maximum flexibility when it comes to integrating new peripherals into existing RFID-based security environments. Devices equipped with Elatec modules allow the end user to authenticate a person’s identity irrespective of the transponder technology used, by means of the existing RFID badge. The TWN4 reader, which is Elatec’s latest product development, is compatible with 57 different transponder languages, making it the first product of its kind to cater for all the most common RFID standards used in high- and low-frequency transmission technology. It has been awarded certification in 14 countries. Elatec GmbH is an international and technological enterprise that brings solid core competence in the sector of intelligent electronic devices and cards and security technology. The company generated turnover of €22 million in 2014, it said. Founded in 1988, and originally based in Munich, Germany, Elatec currently has a workforce of approximately 70, with a global presence through  various subsidiaries and representative offices, including a U.S. branch office in Palm City, Florida. Deutsche Private Equity is an independent German investment company that invests in SMEs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Founded in 2007 in Munich by Volker Hichert and Marc Thiery, DPE has since successfully launched two funds, with total assets under management of over €600 million.]]>