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The XO System The XO system is a revolutionary and innovative solution for beverage cans ranging from 200ml to 1 litre, enabling beverage cans to be resealed multiple times and enjoyed at leisure. Unlike conventional beverage cans, which can only be opened once, XO equipped beverage cans have lids with an integrated plastic opening mechanism that enables the can to be resealed and portioned for later consumption. A tamper-proof seal covers and secures the opening strap and breaks when initially opened, providing consumers with a guarantee that the can has not been previously opened. When driving a car, playing sport or shopping – beverages will remain perfectly fresh and carbonated. Resealed cans are also pressure stable and entirely gas- as well as liquid- tight – so there is no risk of spilling or dripping. The system is suitable for a wide variety of beverages and can be used in existing filling lines without major modifications or capital investment. The XO system is currently enjoyed by consumers in a number of markets around the world. “The equity investment by Inventure will help facilitate our growth as we look to capitalize on multiple opportunities within the global beverage can marketplace,” said Xolution’s CEO, Marc von Rettberg. “It took more than six years of intense R&D to finish the current XO re-sealable can end design, which is able to withstand even the toughest demands on a beverage can. We are confident that the current XO can-ends will provide consumers with the opportunity to take their favorite beverage can anywhere they want to go. This investment also enables us to continue new development projects in order to supply the beverage can industry with innovative packaging solutions.” “We are excited Inventure decided to invest in Xolution and fully share our vision. Resealability and portion-control have been the holy grail in this industry. Around the world, consumers are demanding packaging solutions that fit their life styles and Xolution’s technology is by far the most advanced and scalable solution in this space. We’re looking forward to working closely with Inventure to change the way people use beverage cans in the future,” says John R. Friedery, former President of Ball Corporation’s metal beverage packaging business in the Americas and Asia, and Xolution’s current Chairman. “Inventure brings to Xolution an extensive manufacturing experience from the aluminum can and plastics industry. Its focus is in packaging solutions and more specifically with multinational beverage companies and brands in its portfolio,” the company said in a statement. Inventure joins forces with Xolution’s current major shareholder Inventages Venture Capital, whose SVP and Partner, Erich Sieber, commented: “I am extremely happy that we now have on our side an investor who will support making Xolution the most innovative player in the 330bn annual aluminum can industry.” Inventages is one of the world’s largest life-sciences, nutrition and wellness focused venture capital fund managers. The company has offices in Nassau, Bahamas, London, and Hong Kong. The firm was founded by Gunnar Weikert, who had previously spent more than 10 years in a broad spectrum of functions within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry culminating as Senior Vice President and Global Head for Life Science deals at Bayer AG. While at Bayer, he oversaw venture investments in technology companies and collaborations representing some of the most significant deals between big pharma and biotechnology in the late 1990’s. XO_Munich Xolution GmbH is headquartered in Munich, Germany. In 2008, Marc von Rettberg was named CEO of the company. He joined Christian Bratsch, Vice President R&D, to introduce innovative designs to the beverage packaging industry for reclosable beverage cans. Rettberg and Bratsch established new product design guidelines with a clear focus on values and benefits for the entire supply chain. The innovative beverage can ends were required to offer easy usage to the consumer (intuitive, easy to open and reseal), easy integration for the beverage filler in the existing processes (no major adjustments to the filling line), easy handling for the can maker (XO reclosable can ends based on standard shells), and improved commercialization for the beverage brand (unique branding options). And, of course, the focus was set on providing these benefits at a reasonable overall cost. In 2009, Can Maker Magazine recognized the XOLUTION innovative resealable can with the Silver Award in the Prototype category for the XO-400 reclosable beverage can lid. Since Time-to-Market is a key challenge for all innovators, Rettberg and Bratsch have created a competitive advantage of rapid prototyping and testing capabilities in their Salzburg R&D Center. Xolution was founded in 2003 and has sales offices in the U.S., China, Russia and Latvia.]]>