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buyout of Lumenis, a medical device company by XIO Group, a Chinese PE fund, amounted to $510 million, 30 percent of total PE deals in Q2/2015. The buyout of ClickSoftware, an enterprise software company by Francisco  Partners,  a  global  private  equity firm, followed  closely,  with  $438  million.  Two  additional straight equity deals were under $200 million each: $175 million investment in Ormat by Northleaf, and $150 million invested in Infinidat by TPG Growth. In  Q2/2015,  11  buyout  transactions  led  all  Israeli  private equity deal-making  with  $1.3  billion,  or  80 percent,  of total investments.  In  comparison,  straight  equity  deals  dominated both  in  Q1/2015  and Q2/2014, with 89 percent and 59 percent of total dollar investments, respectively. Software led all private equity transactions both in H1/2015 and H1/2014, with 33 percent and 23 percent of total dollar investments; life sciences stood out in H1/2015 with 28 percent, compared to just 9 percent in  the  same  period  of  2014.  In terms of  the  number of  PE  deals,  the  services  industry had an unusual number of deals: 11, mostly due to the new Israeli private equity fund active in the television field.]]>