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president & CEO, Mark Volmer, stated, “ICL PP intends to use the proceeds from the sale of our PCG businesses to strengthen our core businesses in the food and engineered materials markets, and to expand our global presence, especially in emerging markets. We are certain that we have found an optimal owner for our PCG units that will develop their businesses and increase their activities globally. This transaction is opportune not only for ICL and One Rock, but also for PCG’s dedicated and talented team of employees.” Tony Lee, managing partner of One Rock, commented, “We are excited about the acquisition of PCG given its excellent reputation worldwide. We plan to strengthen the business even further and will work in earnest to continue to provide PCG’s customers with the best products and services globally.” One Rock makes investments in companies with potential for growth and operational improvement using a rigorous approach that utilizes highly experienced Operating Partners to identify, acquire and enhance businesses in select industries. The involvement of these Operating Partners affords One Rock the ability to conduct due diligence and consummate acquisitions and investments in all types of situations, regardless of complexity. One Rock works collaboratively with company management and its Operating Partners to develop a comprehensive business plan focused on growing the enterprise and enhancing its profitability to enhance long-term value. ICL is a global manufacturer of products based on specialty minerals that fulfill humanity’s essential needs primarily in three markets: agricu lture, food and engineered materials. The agricultural products that ICL produces help to feed the world ‘s growing population. The potash and phosphates that it mines and manufactures are used as ingredients in fertilizers and serve as an essential component in the pharmaceutical and food additives industries. The food additives that ICL produces enable people to have greater access to more varied and higher quality food. ICL’s water treatment products supply clean water to millions of people, as well as to industry around the world. Other substances, based on bromine and phosphates help to create energy that is more efficient and environmentally friendly, prevent the spread of forest fires and allow the safe and widespread use of a variety of products and materials. The company employs approximately 12,000 people worldwide, and its sales in 2013 totaled US$6.3 billion. ICL Performance Products produces and markets food and pharma additives, specialty grades of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts, P2S5, fire-fighting chemicals, and other products and services. Its production facilities are located in Europe, North and South America, Israel, Australia and China.]]>