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“We’ve tested a variety of content marketing solutions and found Keywee successful at helping us quickly grow our audience by targeting the right channels and audiences for each individual piece of content,” said Anna Lee, senior director of marketing for PureWow. “Keywee found the audiences that engage with and share the dynamic women’s lifestyle content we are producing.” “Keywee helped us quickly scale our social audience, drive new traffic to our site and actively engage consumers with the content most relevant to them,” added Jenney Korasick, director of client strategy and online business development for Kiplinger. “Like many of our portfolio companies, Keywee is primed to be the next market disruptor. Its impressive results with brands and publishers in the last year prove its potential impact, and we expect the company to quickly drive a dramatic shift in the content marketing industry this year,” said Dror Berman for Innovation Endeavors. “Keywee embodies all of the elements we look for in our portfolio companies – it has a dynamic management team, as well as high growth and market leadership potential. We are confident that Keywee will become a content marketing powerhouse and lead brands and publishers into the next marketing evolution,” said Yuval Shachar for Marker LLC. “Marketers are looking for ways to effectively leverage content. Finding new and existing audiences that are most likely to read, convert and share content is a tough task that cannot be left up to chance or a gut feeling – today’s marketers need data. Yet, there has been no credible data layer to improve content marketing to date,” stated Yaniv Makover, founder and CEO of Keywee. “To truly engage consumers and meet business goals, marketers need to better understand what content will resonate with various, and often niche, audiences across different platforms like Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. They need to think of content through the lens of the distribution channels and their specific targeting parameters.” Keywee offers marketers a new approach to data-driven content marketing, delivering the concrete, measurable success that brands and publishers want and need to optimize the ROI of their content marketing initiatives. Its revolutionary content marketing platform uses advanced text-mining technology and a data layer to help leading brands and publishers find the audiences most likely to meet specific business goals for their content. Keywee is changing content marketing by overcoming measurability, audience saturation and ROI challenges.]]>