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enSilo is headed by security veterans from leading private and public sector companies, including Imperva, Akamai, EMC and Rafael. Israeli cybersecurity startup enSilo raised a Seed funding round from Carmel Ventures, a leading Israeli VC firm and member of the Viola Group. enSilo, founded in 2014, is aiming to enter into the international cybersecurity market with a real-time data exfiltration prevention platform to address the evolving nature of the cyber kill chain. The startup is taking a reverse view of the traditional perspective on cyber-attack threats, by looking at the end of the kill chain, where exfiltration occurs, rather than the onset of the attack. enSilo’s application agnostic platform analyzes communication requests at the operating system (OS) level to enforce the anti-exfiltration policies already on connection establishment requests. The company’s solution enables organizations from all verticals to prevent business critical data from being stolen from the organization by advanced attackers even in the face of the persistent, chronic, advanced attacks. With its virtual patching against targeted attacks, enSilo enables employees to continue working, even with the endpoint is infected. “The traditional defense-in-depth approach against advanced targeted threats has resulted in too many alerts for security professionals to handle. The constant infiltration nature of today’s threats led organizations into a “Whack-a-Mole” state where they are pre-destined to lose the game,” said Roy Katmor, co-founder and CEO of enSilo. “By reversing the cyber kill chain defense model, enSilo is able to prevent – in real time – only active exfiltration attempts by targeted attackers. Thus, enSilo generates only one alert per one active threat while allowing organizations to continue operating as usual.” [caption id="attachment_5571" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Roy Katmor Roy Katmor, co-founder & CEO, enSilo[/caption] Katmor is a seasoned security professional combining strong technical knowledge with sales and marketing skills. Prior to enSilo, he led Akamai’s security strategy as the company’s senior director of security product strategy, where he focused on positioning Akamai as a security innovator during a transitional time for the firm. He previously directed Imperva’s data security product management and architecture. Ronen Nir, general partner at Carmel Ventures who joined the company’s board of directors added: “We at Carmel Ventures, are excited to partner with the exceptional founding team of enSilo that brings a unique approach to the growing Advanced Persistent Attack problem.” [caption id="attachment_5572" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Ronen Nir, General Partner, Carmel Ventures Ronen Nir, General Partner, Carmel Ventures[/caption]   enSilo offers a real-time exfiltration prevention platform. The company was founded upon the recognition that targeted attacks are similar to chronic diseases where organizations that have made responsible and sustained investments in attack detection continue to be compromised. The same way chronically-ill patients are treated to control disease and increase longevity, organizations must deal in real-time with a persistently compromised network. To that effect, enSilo aims to prevent the consequences of an advanced targeted attack, namely, the theft of valuable data. enSilo has developed a platform which accurately distinguishes legitimate connections from malicious ones, already on initial connection establishment. Its solution provides virtual patching against advanced targeted threats enabling employees to keep working as usual while a device compromise is resolved.]]>