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Chemi Katz, CEO, and Ohad Greenshpan, COO, co-founded Namogoo in 2014 to solve the growing problem of client-side injected malware. Client Side Injected Malware (CSIM) includes widgets (product recommendation and deals), advertisements and spyware scripts that are injected into websites by extensions that are installed on end users’ browsers. Namogoo is the Hebrew word for “vanished”, which is precisely the company’s mantra: “Make client side injected malware vanish.” According to Namogoo, 15%-30% of online users are infected with unintentionally downloaded malware. The company’s SaaS solution allows customers to preserve their website functionality and performance. Namogoo’s servers scan millions of web pages daily, creating malware injection blocking rule sets in real-time, and delivering them to customer’s websites via a single line of code. Namogoo’s advanced learning algorithms monitor client side injected malware patterns and continuously adapt the security shield.]]>