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  • Although the world is going to feast on cheap oil as long as it can, demand for renewable energy sources is likely not going to abate on a planet that wants to get cleaner, says The Motley Fool contributor, Eric Volkman.
  • SolarEdge Technologies seems well poised to take advantage of this, especially since it can attack the market on the basis of value thanks to those state-of-the-art inverters, added TMF.
  • The company’s steep revenue increases are encouraging, as is the fact that top line is growing faster than costs (hence the recent net profitability), says TMF.
  • Seven million shares of SolarEdge Technologies will hit the market on Thursday, priced at $16 to $18 apiece. The stock will trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol SEDG. The lead underwriters of the issue are Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank Securities. On March 26 seven million shares of Israel-based SolarEdge Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SEDG) will hit the market, priced at $16 to $18 apiece. The lead underwriters of the issue are Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank Securities. According to Seeking Alpha contributor Don Dion, the SolarEdge IPO looks bright: “SEDG’s revenues have been increasing steadily, and the company recently posted its first net profit. We are encouraged by promising signs in the global solar industry and suggest investors consider buying in.” According to The Motley Fool contributor Eric Volkman, “SolarEdge Technologies’ edge is that its systems are more efficient than competing products. In particular, its “intelligent” inverters (devices that convert direct current electricity — such as that derived from solar cells — to the alternating current used in businesses and residences) maximize power generation while reducing energy losses, according to the firm.” “This $19 trillion industry could destroy the Internet,” says Volkman. “One bleeding-edge technology is about to put the World Wide Web to bed. And if you act right away, it could make you wildly rich. Experts are calling it the single largest business opportunity in the history of capitalism… The Economist is calling it ‘transformative’… But you’ll probably just call it ‘how I made my millions.'” Founded in 2006, SolarEdge established the DC power optimizer segment and is leading it with over 70% market share. By Q2 2014, SolarEdge has shipped over 4,000,000 power optimizers to more than 60 countries worldwide. With strategic partnerships across the PV value-chain from module manufacturers to integrators, SolarEdge installations can be found in five continents. SolarEdge provides an end-to-end distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring solution, maximizing the power generation of residential, commercial and large-scale PV system installations by up to 25%, for a faster return on investment. Module manufacturers, installers and home owners enjoy the benefits of SolarEdge solutions which allow maximum energy by design by optimal roof utilization through constraint free design, module-level MPPT, and enhanced maintenance and accurate troubleshooting through module-level monitoring. Another benefit is the guaranteed automatic DC shutdown for installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters through the unique SafeDC mechanism.]]>