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Puck Building in Soho, owned by the Kushner Companies. Earlier this month, a new three-bedroom super-luxury penthouse unit at the landmarked Puck Building was sold by the Kushner Companies for $28 million. Founded in 2012 by Joshua Kushner, Mario Schlosser and Kevin Nazemi, Oscar was the first health insurance company created for consumers in the new world of the Affordable Care Act. That means plans and benefits consumers understand, tools that save time and money, and people who want to help customers along the way. “We’re on a mission to bring quality and value back together in American healthcare. We don’t just pay the bill—members trust Oscar to guide them to better doctors, better care, and lower costs,” says the company. Oscar has grown its footprint during the last year, expanding to California, New Jersey and Texas, reportedly tripling customers to 145,000 up from 40,000. Oscar co-founder and CEO Mario Schlosser said he wants to have 1 million customers in five years. “We expect to go into three or four new states per year and each will cost us about $20 million to start up.” “We don’t get excited about raising money, but rather, see it as a small step towards improving experiences for our members each and every day,” Schlosser said in a statement. “Our most recent round of financing will ensure our continued dedication to service and innovation for our members. It will allow us to grow our staff, create new products and extend our plans to new members across the country.” Photo Credit: (L to R) Mario Schlosser, Kevin Nazemi and Josh Kushner,  founders of Oscar Health Insurance. Source: Oscar.]]>