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Sector expectations The ongoing challenges faced by the global energy sector are clearly in evidence in the 19 percent fall in market capitalizations of the largest energy companies between June 2014 and June 2015. Profits are also down considerably over the same 12-month period. Conversely, the defensive healthcare sector looks more stable, with an 18 percent increase in market capitalizations and a 7 percent rise in appetite for M&A. Telecommunications is also looking strong, with an 8 percent increase in appetite. “With oil prices continuing to experience new multi-year lows, we can expect many of the acquisition plans of companies in the energy sector to be delayed or reconsidered, but it will also lead to opportunistic buys. In the broader market, for those corporates with the capacity to transact, this year will present opportunities to uncover some great value in the market,” comments Andy Cox, head of Energy M&A at KPMG in the UK.]]>