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Dealogic report. Global 1Q 2015 M&A trends were as follows: [caption id="attachment_6075" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Dealogic-Q1.2015-Global-M&A-Review---Volume-by-Industry Global M&A Volume by Target Industry (Source: Dealogic)[/caption] Healthcare was the top targeted sector with $126.5bn – only the sixth time that the sector has surpassed the $100.0bn mark during a quarter. Healthcare M&A revenue ($1.2bn) surpassed $1bn for the first quarter on record. Real Estate was the second most targeted sector with $113.0bn in 1Q 2015, the highest 1Q level since 2007 ($145.0bn). Technology ranked third by volume with $84.3bn, though led global M&A by activity (2,058 deals). The estimated $45.4bn merger of HJ Heinz and Kraft Foods Group (51%, 49%), announced on March 25, was the largest transaction announced in 1Q 2015 and the third largest global Food & Beverage M&A deal announced on record. Global cross-border M&A volume totaled $315.2bn in 1Q 2015, up 54% on 1Q 2014 ($204.2bn) and the highest 1Q volume since 2007 ($357.9bn). Healthcare led cross-border M&A with a 1Q record high of $40.8bn, largely US targeted ($28.5bn). Valeant Pharmaceuticals International $15.9bn pending offer for Salix Pharmaceuticals is the second largest Canadian acquisition of a US target on record. Technology was the leading sector for cross-border activity (416 deals). NXP Semiconductors’ (Netherlands) $16.7bn bid for Freescale Semiconductor, an exit for Blackstone, Carlyle, Permira, and TPG Capital, will be the largest cross border Technology deal involving a European buyer or target, on record. [caption id="attachment_6076" align="aligncenter" width="440"]Dealogic-Q1.2015-Global-M&A-Review---CrossBorder-Volume-by-Region Global M&A Cross Border Volume by Target World Region (Source: Dealogic)[/caption]   Deal Value Bands 14 deals with value $10bn+ were announced in 1Q 2015 ($267.4bn), the most announced in a first quarter since 2006 (15 deals). 11 of these deals were US targeted and four were cross-border transactions. $10bn+ deals accounted for 30% of global M&A volume, the highest 1Q share since 2009 (42%). Volume from $1bn+ deals reached $624.1bn in 1Q 2015, up 36% on 1Q 2014 ($459.8bn) and accounted for 69% of M&A volume, the highest 1Q share since 2000 (71%). The US was the top targeted nation for $1bn+ deals in 1Q 2015 (54% share and $338.4bn). Average deal size for global M&A increased 22% year-on-year to $211m in 1Q 2015, up from $173m in 1Q 2014 and the highest 1Q average since 2007 ($223m). Average deal size for $1bn+ deals was $4.0bn, up 10% on 1Q 2014 ($3.6bn) and the highest 1Q average since 2009 ($6.1bn). Deals valued at $1bn or less totaled $278.1bn (31% share of total volume) in 1Q 2015 and the highest 1Q volume since 2011 ($312.2bn). (Source: Dealogic)]]>