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Magic Leap recently unveiled a video, showing a completely realistic whale leaping out of a digital sea in a school gym. The company has raised $793.5 in new funding led by Alibaba, and is already valued at $4.5bn despite keeping its technology under wraps. London-based Kino-Mo also claims to be making holograms “affordable and available to retailers and the high street for the first time”. Its Belarusian founders Kiryl Chykeyuk, 29, and Art Stavenka, 30, were recently praised by Virgin billionaire Richard Branson for their eye-catching technology, winning his 2015 Pich to Rich competition, and even appeared on BBC investment show Dragons’ Den, receiving three offers, which were all refused, according to The Telegraph’s Enterprise Editor, Rebecca Burn-Callander. “Holograms used to be very expensive and took days to create but ours can be made within hours using standard 3D software,” claims Stavenka. “This is a breakthrough. People have loved holograms for a long time but no one could afford them. We’ve had partnership enquiries from 74 countries.”]]>