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Singulariteam, said Chinese social networking service Renren is participating in a $72 million Seed funding round for Sirin Labs, a new Israeli high-end smartphone startup being incubated by Singulariteam over the past three years. The new, secure smartphone, slated to be revealed in London in May, will be offered at $10-15,000 per phone. Singulariteam reportedly invested a $25 million Seed round into Sirin Labs in 2013, when the startup was incorporated. Having identified the UK as its target market, Sirin started to build its sales, marketing and communications team in London, in June 2015. In October, the Sirin team expanded to include reportedly over 100 R&D experts in Sweden, Israel and the United States. “Sirin Labs AG is a revolutionary new entrant to the mobile technology arena with one simple goal, to bring tomorrow to our customers, today,” the startup said in a statement. “Backed by significant investment from some of the most respected players at the forefront of new technology, the company has been driven by a determination to deliver privacy, connectivity and uncompromised quality,” Sirin added. “After two years of intensive R&D, Sirin Labs is poised to present our first product, a truly smart phone, built without restriction or compromise, in Q2 2016.” Singulariteam was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with offices in San Francisco, Moscow, Kazakhstan, Beijing and Singapore. Singulariteam acts as a super angel investor. The fund focuses on investing in advanced, new, and disruptive technologies with a primary focus on Israeli high-tech startups. Kenges Rakishev, Sirin’s chairman and co-founder, and Singulariteam’s managing partner, is reportedly one of the most influential businessmen in Kazakhstan, according to Forbes. He served in several top positions in both the private and public sector throughout his career and worked as an advisor for the Kazakhstan Interior Ministry and Department of Education. He’s a co-founder of the global venture fund Singulariteam. Moshe Hogeg, Sirin’s co-founder and president, and Singulariteam’s co-founder, managing partner and chairman, is an accomplished serial entrepreneur in the technology sector, who founded Mobli Media and Yo. He is a director of Infinity Augmented Reality. In November 2014, Forbes named him as one of the 10 “Start-up Nation movers and shakers you need to know.” Tal Cohen, Sirin’s co-founder & CEO, brings 20 years of experience in hi-tech start-up companies and strategy consulting. He previously co-founded, which was sold in 2000 to Vivendi Universal Games. He was part of the founding team of, which was sold to Playtech in 2015 for €458 million. He previously served as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co, and worked at Google.]]>