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Reuters reported earlier. Private equity firms Forté Capital Advisors and Manhattan Partners, the majority owners of Constellis, have reportedly hired Chicago-based investment banking boutique BDT & Co., headed by former Goldman Sachs vice chairman of investment banking Byron Trott, who has been called “the billionaires’ banker” by Fortune, and “the only banker he trusts” by Warren Buffett. Constellis combines the legacy capabilities and experience of Academi (formerly Blackwater), Triple Canopy, Olive Group, Edinburgh International, Strategic Social, Tidewater Global Services, National Strategic Protective Services, and International Development Solutions. The name “Triple Canopy” was initially chosen to refer to the layered canopies in the jungles where some of the key founding members received training. Also, the name refers to the distinction among U.S. Army personnel wearing the Airborne, Ranger, and Special Forces tabs, if authorized, when assigned to Special Forces units. The chairman of Constellis Holdings is billionaire Red McCombs, co-founder of Clear Channel Communications. Other board members include former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, former White House Chief Counsel Jack Quinn, Admiral Bobby Inman (Ret.), Russ Robinson, Jason DeYonker, Dean Bosacki and Triple Canopy co-founder Tom Katis. The firm was founded in May 2003 by U.S. Army Special Forces veterans, including former Delta Force personnel Matt Mann and Tom Katis. The two sought to create a business to address the threat of international terrorism, and decided to apply their knowledge of military activities to train government agencies in anti-terrorism techniques. It is staffed by, among others, a number of former Army Special Operations personnel, SEALs, Rangers, MARSOC (Marine Corps Special Operations), MSG (Marine Security Guards), and a small select few law enforcement officers. The firm received its first contracts in 2004, following the invasion of Iraq, to help guard and equip allied forces in the war zone, especially for the Coalition Provisional Authority. With more than 8,000 personnel, Constellis recruits and retains the industry’s most experienced and top-trained employees, most of whom are former military or law enforcement, who share a willingness to support complex operations in some of the world’s most demanding locations. Constellis represents client interests around the world; operating in over 25 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. the company’s U.S. government division is headquartered in Reston, Va., while its commercial operations are based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From 2010 to October 2014 the company’s name was Academi Holdings LLC. Before its 2010 ownership change, the company had been named Xe Services and Blackwater Worldwide, which was vilified and criticized for the involvement of its employees who killed 17 Iraqi civilians and injured 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad, for which four guards were convicted in a U.S. court. The company is rebounding from weak financial performance in 2015 thanks to cost reductions and a new management team that has revised its marketing practices, according to Moody’s Investors Service. Constellis reportedly generated 12-month EBITDA of roughly $170 million. Constellis’ growth outlook benefits from expectations of steady profits from rising demand as a result of ongoing conflicts throughout geographic regions where Constellis operates, such as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Increased security needs for the US Department of State’s diplomatic activity as well as for energy sector customers favors the demand setting, Moody’s added.]]>