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Singulariteam focuses on identifying startups with major disruptive potential and includes innovative startups like Mobli, Storedot, YO and Webydo. “We are always looking for companies that turn traditional sectors on their heads, and Stox has the potential to make online trading effective, accessible and fair without forcing users to sacrifice the quality or legitimacy of the trading environment,” said Moshe Hogeg. “The ability to emphasize accessibility while still delivering a premium offering is what sets Stox apart and the addition of key social functionalities offers a new experience for more seasoned traders to improve their interaction. Whenever you can both widen access to new audiences and bolster the experience for those who are already using similar products, the potential is enormous.” Stox’s trading environment is a sharp departure from a typical online stock brokerage. Designed with the investor’s needs at the forefront of every stage of production, the user-friendly trading platform transforms stock trading with unique and seamless social features that show which stocks are being traded and how other investors are performing. Users will benefit from being able to follow other investors on the platform and even copy them trade for trade. The combination of a full-service online brokerage with key social functionality and a highly focused and tailored user interface is a key element of Stox’s aim to create a service that makes stock trading accessible to all, while also providing the tools and confidence necessary to make decisions.]]>