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$2,250,000 investment in Cellomat, an Israel-based company providing the world’s first automated 24/7 point of sales/service system for mobile devices. The collaboration with Cellomat brings an additional self-service channel to complement the existing set of self-service solutions, provided by Cellebrite, to mobile retail and repair operations around the globe. Cellomat further represents the management of yet another mobile device touch point between operators and repair centers, and their consumers, which is enhanced by Cellebrite’s holistic approach. Following this investment, Cellebrite will continue research into possible integration paths to combine Cellebrite’s capabilities and solutions with the Cellomat platform. The Cellomat investment effectively extends the reach of Cellebrite’s diagnostics and repair coverage into a new dimension. Yossi Carmil, Corporate Co-CEO of Cellebrite, explained that “Cellebrite is actively committed to multiple paths for adding value to mobile operator, retailer, and repair services, including via development, technology partnerships, investments and acquisitions, all aimed at delivering innovative solutions which strengthen our mobile lifecycle positioning. Our success has been in recognizing and acting on touch points in the mobile customer experience that demand operational improvement.  This strategic investment expands Cellebrite’s offering by bringing more value across new channels both within and beyond the retail environment.” Cellomat units can hold several hundred repaired, new and replacement phones, and are positioned in stores or outside, including at selected shopping malls. The units make it quick and easy for customers to drop off and pick up mobile phones, at all hours. Meir Rabinovitch, Chairman of Cellomat said “Cellomat and Cellebrite share the same mission of enhancing mobile phone service capabilities, bringing this service closer to the customer, and enabling 24/7 service delivery. We welcome Cellebrite as a strategic investor and partner and look forward to close collaboration in adding value at a critical touch point in the mobile lifecycle.” Cellebrite is a world leader in Mobile Lifecycle and Mobile Forensics solutions. In mobile lifecycle, Cellebrite provides operators and retailers with advanced solutions to enhance customer experience, improve satisfaction, reduce cost, and generate revenue.  With delivery channels in-store, on-device, and over the web, mobile retailers can take advantage of Cellebrite’s full suite of mobile lifecycle solutions:  diagnostics, phone-to-phone content transfer, backup and restore, automated phone buyback, and application and content delivery. In addition, Cellebrite offers retailers monitoring, statistics and analysis of all activities. Cellebrite is a world leader in the mobile lifecycle market, as the company has more than 150,000 units deployed at more than 200 mobile operators and retailers globally, representing well over 100,000 stores handling hundreds of millions of transactions a year. In mobile forensics, Cellebrite’s range of mobile forensic products, the UFED Series, enables the bit-for-bit extraction and in-depth decoding and analysis of data from thousands of mobile devices, including feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets and phones manufactured with Chinese chipsets. Cellebrite’s UFED Series is the prime choice of forensic specialists in law enforcement, military, intelligence, corporate security and eDiscovery agencies in more than 100 countries. Founded in 1999, Cellebrite is a subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese company (6736/JQ). Cellomat was founded in 2011 by experienced mobile phone executives. They realized that mobile phone companies faced skyrocketing service costs while customers were becoming increasingly frustrated with long, slow lines in service centers. There had to be a better way to provide sales and service. The team created the first Cellomat prototypes in 2012 – the world’s first automated 24/7 cell phone sales and service point. By 2013, the next Cellomat model was released and was placed in the service center of a major mobile SP.  Not only did it cut the average time for accepting a broken phone and issuing a replacement to less than 5 minutes, it dramatically reduced lines at the service center. Cellomat is constantly improving and innovating.  Its newest model features greater capacity, simpler internal design and increased functionality.]]>