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Shlomo Dovrat, co-founder and GP, Carmel Ventures[/caption] Yallo is a B2C communications provider aiming to make you fall in love with phone calls. It stands for “awesome conversations that are more effective, more social, and more fun than the phone calls we knew until now.” By putting personal customer identity, rich functional capabilities and technological flexibility at the core of its platform, the company is aiming to create the next generation of communication experiences and spearheading a new era of consumer focused innovation. [caption id="attachment_5607" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Tal Elyashiv Tal Elyashiv, co-founder & CEO, Yallo[/caption] “Having spent over two years building out the infrastructure and capabilities enabling our product roadmap and long-term vision, as well as some promising initial test releases, we’re thrilled to join forces with one of Israel’s premier VCs as we take our next steps forward,” said Tal Elyashiv, CEO of Yallo. “We believe the world is ready for a new category of communication experiences that is rich, personal and adaptive to the changing ways in which we live, work and play.” “Carmel is one of the earliest investors in the mobile technologies space in Israel, and has been investing in this sector since 2000,” said Dovrat. “We are excited to partner with the Yallo team on their journey as they aim to transform the communications experience, bringing new innovative consumer applications to an industry poised for disruption.” “Before Yallo, the phone call was a vestige of the past, failing to keep up with the way we communicate today: in groups; with messaging that lets us get someone’s attention even when they’re busy; with precision; with fun and personalization,” said Yosi Taguri, CTO of Yallo. “Yallo makes all that possible. It is turning the phone call into a platform for entertainment, personalization, organization, storage, and a tool for radical efficiency.“ Yallo, founded in 2012 by Tal Elyashiv and Yosi Taguri, currently has 15 employees at its headquarters in Tel Aviv. Yallo is reinventing the mobile phone experience, transforming the phone call from inside out. Once a user downloads Yallo, they can easily record, search and replay calls, reach people even when they are on another call, tag calls, own multiple numbers, never lose a call when they are temporarily out of reception, and receive calls on devices of their choice. Yallo has existing customers worldwide and is about to release it’s next generation product line. Founded in 2000, Carmel Ventures is managing over $800M across four funds. As Israel’s top tier VC firm, Carmel invests in Israeli or Israeli-related early stage companies and builds global category leaders across a number of key market segments, including: software, new enterprise infrastructure, big data, digital media, consumer applications and semiconductors. For more information, please visit Carmel is a member of the Viola Group, Israel’s premier technology-focused private equity group with over $2B under management.]]>