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Reuters said. An investor group led by Victory Park Capital bought Giordano’s out of bankruptcy for 61.6 million in 2011. Victory Park’s winning bid also included Origin Capital and Atria Group, both of Chicago, and George and Bill Apostolou. George and Bill were Giordano’s franchisees and the sons of John and Eva Apostolou, who owned Giordano’s when it went belly up. John and Eva no longer kept a stake in the new ownership group, according to The Chicago Tribune. Giordano’s is one of the most famous of Chicago’s pizzerias, and has been described in 1994 by The New York Times as one of Chicago’s “main pizza triumvirate.” “The Victory Park team has committed and made available to me and my team at Giordano’s, their deep talents and knowhow, unconditionally. They truly add value to everything our team does to make Giordano’s a world class performer in its space. I view our relationship as a true partnership,” said Giordano’s president and CEO, Yorgo Koutsogiorgas, an experienced restaurateur who was brought in by Victory Capital to run Giordano’s in February 2012. In April 2015, GE Capital Franchise Finance and Citizens Bank extended a $51 million credit facility to refinance Giordano’s debt. GE Capital also injected some new growth capital into the pizza chain. giordanos The first Giordano’s restaurant opened in 1974, when brothers Efren and Joseph Boglio, who had immigrated to the U.S. from Argentina, opened a pizzeria that served their mother’s recipe for stuffed pizza. “Mama Giordano” was famous in a small Italian town near Torino, for her “Italian Easter Pie,” a double-crusted, cheese pizza. John Apostolou, a former Giordano’s cook, bought the pizzeria together with his wife Eva, from its founders in 1988. Under Apostolou’s stewardship, Giordano’s opened a restaurant in Milwaukee in 1995 and planned for five more, but the Milwaukee location closed in 2002. The first major expansion outside Illinois began in 2005 when Giordano’s opened locations in Florida. The Apostolous’ company Randolph Partners LLC, which owned Giordano’s, eventually filed for bankruptcy in 2011, blaming its hardships on a debt load that was taken out to buy and develop a parcel of real estate outside of Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Prior to filing for bankruptcy, Giordano’s had 13 restaurants in Chicago and another 30 locations in the Chicago metropolitan area. In 2015, Giordano’s opened new restaurants in Indianapolis and Minnesota.]]>