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Today’s changing TV and multi-screen landscape means both hardware and software providers must innovate together to advance the way in which consumers receive and digest content. With advertising still bringing a major revenue stream to cable TV service providers, Cisco and Innovid teamed up at CES 2015 to demonstrate interactive advertising to subscribers across any device — while providing a core platform that manages video for advertisers across multiple screens. This capability will help improve ad effectiveness by giving viewers more ways to interact with brands, explore products, and request information, as well as improve ad traction by holding the viewer’s attention and reducing channel changes during ads. Innovid is a global leader in advanced video advertising, empowering advertisers to deliver interactive and personalized video experiences across multiple devices. Bridging the technological gap between TV and digital, Innovid simplifies the shifting video landscape for visionary agencies, brands and marketers. Additionally, Innovid’s end-to-end video ad platform gives agencies and brands the transparency and ability to create, deliver and measure video campaigns, regardless of the media source to drive optimized, ROI-driven results.]]>